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Please note, while I personally recommend each of the products listed on this page, please contact the manufacturer directly if you have an issue or question about a product. These are affiliate links, meaning Sleep Consultant Joanna Johnson will receive a small commission from the manufacturer or amazon if you purchase a product using these links. This is at no additional cost to you


Most parents have been there. You're trying to vacation with a baby or toddler and the sleep situation is anything but restful. For anyone. The baby wakes up and sees you across the room and won't go back to sleep, or the room isn't dark enough for the baby to stay asleep at nighttime or during naps.

With SlumberPod®, long gone are the days of setting up the travel crib in a hotel bathroom, or renting an extra room or a suite in order to get a good night's sleep away from home. SlumberPod is a portable, affordable, patent-pending solution for family travel and getting a good night's sleep.


LectroFan Kinder

For a limited time, get two LectroFan Kinder sound machines for the price of one + free shipping with this link. These are sound machines and night lights in one that you control all through your phone! No cords, no overly bright lights that cause your child to wake more frequently and early. You can even dim the light or turn it all the way off after they fall asleep.

Just plug in the Kinder, download the smartphone app, and select gentle sounds and soft lighting to mask noise disturbances and provide comfort, relaxation, and better sleep.  A great night’s sleep makes for happy children… and happy parents.


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