“We all sleep better!”

Man oh man. Not gonna lie I really didn’t want to spend the money. But I am SO glad I did. Joanna has helped our family in so many ways! My 5 month old is the best sleeper ever from Joanna’s guidance!! I exclusively pump and before we started sleep training I was only producing 1.5oz MAX between both breasts, now that everyone is sleeping better, we are all less stressed, I’m back up to 3-4oz per pump session!!! I think it had to do with my lack of sleep and stress from lack of sleep!! Landon is always waking up smiling too!!! Totally recommend Joanna!!! She is AMAZING!!!

— Shannon M.

“Saved my sanity”

Joanna literally saved my sanity. I was going on 7 months of no sleep with newborn twins when I reached out to Joanna. I was skeptical that anyone could help me...I thought I had tried everything. I was wrong! She was able to start a sleep plan within a few days, and it was nothing short of life changing. As a twin mom herself, she made me feel so comfortable with the plan we put in place. I trusted her 100%, and it was the best decision my husband and I made for our boys and ourselves. It has been 6 months now, and our twins sleep 12 hours a night, uninterrupted. They are happier babies, and we are better parents! I would recommend Joanna to anyone, without hesitation!

— Rachel B.

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“Joanna is amazing!!!”

"We didn't have sleep problems with our little guy(he is almost 2) until we transitioned him to a toddler bed! He slept great, woke happy and was pleasant to be around!! Then, oh then he decided one night to climb out and we thought that was the end of the crib, little did we know that it didn't need to be and found ourselves back to the crib a few months later. We fought the toddler transition for about 3 months before getting connected to Joanna!! We would lay with him until he fell asleep, anywhere from 10 min to over an hour, he would wake during the night and needed us to help him go back to sleep, sometimes being awake for 2 hours!! He had a 4am alarm that then got to 5am at some point. Since he did not get the sleep he needed at night he would fall asleep on the way to work at 7, nap in the morning sometimes, sometimes 2x a day, then sleep on the way home from work! He was cranky, I was exhausted and I tried to tell myself that it could be worse and it will get better, well I couldn't wait any longer and had to reach out and am so blessed and grateful for the way we connected and the person that connected us, along with blessed by Joanna!! After one week of working with her our little is able to get himself to sleep, waking well rested, in better mood, even eating better(we think his sleep and eating are tied together) We no longer have to plan for being in his room for an hour, or not setting our alarm bc he is up before it(I wasn't setting one before because of this), or getting up with him in the night!! We use a mesh crib tent to keep him in his tent at night and though we were hesitant at first, we would definitely recommend to other parents. It's worth the $$$ and all of our sleep!!! We will continue moving forward with what she has taught us and look forward to getting a little rest ourselves before baby 2 arrives. I can't thank Joanna enough for her help, she has a true gift and we would send everyone to her for help!!"

Tiara Fopma

We hired Joanna while we were as exhausted and sleep deprived as our little one. Joanna is so knowledgeable, professional, intentional and so detailed in her analysis and problem solving of sleep issues. We have gained our sleep back, been able to travel, and have baby recover quickly from sickness because she can sleep on her own. Joanna was honest with us about what needed to change to achieve our goals and was considerate of our needs as parents as well.

If you are awake in the middle of the night rocking your baby to sleep, wishing that there was a way to pay for sleep, this is your chance!
— Maria D

“Life changing”

"We cannot thank Joanna enough for all she did for our family! Before hiring Joanna to help us train our 7 month old to sleep, we were literally in survival mode. Our 7 month old had never slept more than 3 hours and often woke every 45 minutes through the night. To top it off, we also have a 2 year old who is fun and energetic and does not really care whether or not we have had any sleep. Joanna was detailed and thorough in her approach with our situation. She created a plan that was specific for our family and provided us with support that was so genuine. She is a fountain of knowledge in her role as a sleep consultant. Once she created a plan with us, it was time to implement. I can say that within the first 2 days of our new schedule, Nixon, our 7 month old, was sleeping 12 hours at night. There was so much that we didn’t know and Joanna was so informative on what exactly needed to change and the tips and tricks to help us through the gray area situations were amazing. We can confidently say that Joanna was an answer to our prayers! If you have been debating whether or not it is worth it to hire Joanna as your sleep consultant, please take it from us, that she is worth it! She has dramatically changed our lives. We actually have our lives back. We have better time together as a family and our marriage is benefiting from this as well. We will forever be grateful for all she has done for us. She is amazing, kind and her passion for wanting to help families shines through her. We hope this review helps persuade you to know that if you are struggling like we were, that Joanna and her consulting is life changing. You will have success and you will be the next person telling all your friends and writing a review like ours on just how much Joanna has changed your lives! Thank you again Joanna. You are one in a million."

Mark Wise